10 Best L.A. Street Art Murals of 2014

Love a Top Ten list, and what a fun way to finish up 2014. Thanks LA Weekly, Isaac Simpson and Fredrik Lisdskog for including 'Ode To Bohemia' in your round up:

3. Kim West (Los Angeles) - Arts District

Kim West's gorgeous nature scenes have been bringing life to the Arts District since 2009's violent Welcome to Hollywood. The mother of two spent weeks painting this work, Ode to Bohemia, in March after being given the directive "do with it what you will." West, inspired by the corner of Seventh and Mill as a "literal intersection of the haves and have nots," sought to take viewers on on a journey across the physical length of the walls. "Conceptually, the piece begins in loss, and then becomes about memories, and the will to manifest from them a place to visit," says West, "a sort of daydreamed, fractured recollection of reality." 
-Isaac Simpson

Full LAWeekly article here.

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