TBT // take the kiddo to work day

september, 2003:

before this guy was born (and reality sunk in), i figured i'd literally be able to pop him on my hip and hit the studio without missing a brush-stroke-beat. the plan worked, too. for maybe a minute. my husband snapped a picture of that singular moment though, so at least there's that.

and then, so quickly -- in a flash really -- today:

ten years later.
same kiddo ten years older with one little brother making him the big.
a different state, a different studio by four.
a long way from the hip riding days.

today we drew plants. we were blind contour-ers and sweaty sketchers. we battled the heat with an aggressive fan, and blew a fuse. we transferred drawings to transparencies and projected. we drank ice cold iced tea.

we started a painting.

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